Tiffany lamps (details & specs)

Tiffany Floor Counter Balance 10” dia. decorated Favrile Shade

Tiffany Studios Floor Lamp

 Great Art Nouveau signed counter balance base.

Detail, Tiffany Vanderbilt 1882 Lantern

Louis Comfort Tiffany & Associated Artists, one of 8 original Moorish lanterns, from Cornelius Vanderbilt's 5th Ave NYC mansion.

Tiffany Wall Sconces

One pair of Tiffany Art Nouveau wall sconces with signed gold tulip shades. One double arm wall sconce & one single arm wall sconce with signed gold tulip shades.

Rare Tiffany “Milli Fiore” Lantern

Comfort Lodge, Miami

Tiffany Studios Hanging 6 Light Lantern, 18” Drop

Bronze fixture, signed tulip favrile shades.

Tiffany Furnaces enameled base with 7” decorated favrile shade

Comfort Lodge, Miami

Poppy Shade

Tiffany Studios 20” dia.  Signed Poppy shade with filigree on rare Twisted vine base

Pottery Base

Rare signed Tiffany Studios original Pottery base

Goose Neck Counterbalance

Tiffany Studios “Goose neck” Counter Balance lamp with a Reticulated shade

Piano Lamp

Tiffany Studios 3 light Lilly Piano lamp. Signed

Floor Bases

Pair of signed Tiffany Studios adjustable floor bases

Lamp w/ Favrile Shade

Signed Tiffany Studios counter balance lamp with decorated favrile 7” dia. shade

Harp Lamp

Signed, Tiffany Studios Harp lamp with a Rare “Reactive” glass shade.

More Tiffany Lamps

Colonial Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany Studios 16” Colonial design shade with mottled glass

Tiffany Floor Base

Tiffany Studios decorated senior floor base. Signed